About Us

Reishore Media is a subsidiary of Reishore: The Sustainable Company and Mount Up Media. In 2020 the founders of both companies came together and felt like they could make an impact. The idea was originally to be able to vertically integrate marketing for Reishore, and has now grown to so much more. We realized that there are companies formed daily that have innovative ideas that support all forms of sustainability. The cost of marketing is one of the major inhibitors of new companies growing. So we decided to take Reishore Media in a direction that is focused on helped sustainability based businesses and causes obtain the media and marketing materials they need to change the world at a fair price that won’t doom their efforts from the start.


Meet The Team


Ethan Leaman

Founder & Director


Dieontrez Mount

Director of Photography


Rick Jones

Business Developement


Koji Sumalde



Bryan Varra

Drone Operator & Script Writer